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«We are Fucked» The various realities of being a working artist in present day Berlin

Dienstag, 28. Feb 2017 88vier - CoLaboRadio
12:00 bis 13:00 Uhr

"We're Fucked"

is a radio show which will feature conversations about the various realities of being a working artist in present day Berlin. This show will address questions about alternative economies, stories of working artists and their processes with the intention of creating a dialogue about perspectives, privilege, different ways of working and creating resources in a city that is over flowing with so many different art scenes. Each month I will highlight an event, or artist to follow and invite them into the studio with me to share their experience and work. I am also hoping to have a call in section of this show where people can ask questions about the living as a working artist, as well as asking each person I portrait to choose tracks that inspire their work to play over our hour together.

The format of the show may change according to who I am focusing on. Dialogue from films, sound art, or other forms of sharing work in a radio format with also occur.

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