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«Garagepunx» Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #1
Donnerstag, 17. Okt 2013, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.

Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #1

The Mission

Bibliodiscoteque believes in the power of stories. Be they the words laid down by the famous, the infamous, the cult, or the mundane, stories are humanity’s greatest invention. Each month Bibliodiscoteque releases a podcast creating rock ‘n’ roll soundtracks for its favorite authors and novels.

We also review the latest in Noir, Science Fiction, Rock 'n' Roll, Punk, and Comics. Basically, if we like it, we review it

Robert Bloch

I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my shelf.

- Robert Bloch

There is a moment in Psycho when Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) is talking with Sam Loomis (John Gavin) in front of the office at the Bates’ Motel. I distinctly remember, as a kid, watching Perkins shift and stutter and eat peanuts (or something) and thinking that I wasn’t just watching an actor, but someone who understood psychosis. Someone truly uncomfortable in their body.

This also started me thinking about the man behind Norman and the happenings at the motel. The man who fictionalized Ed Gein and prevented generations of movie-goers from ever showering while home alone again: None other than the late Robert Bloch.

I did not know him personally but from what I have read Bloch was an amazing writer and a unique individual. I could retell inane anecdotes about his friendship with Lovecraft (the two killed one another in stories), I could list the dozens of books and movie credits, talk about his Jack the Ripper contribution to Dangerous Visions, or simply cite what has already been written. I did not know the man and better people than I have written about him. This month’s post, and those to come, is to peak the curiosity of those who look for connections within literature and music.

These posts are meant as a gateway drug. It is for those readers who are not listeners, those listeners who are not readers, and those who balance both. I find, typically, that collectors tend to go hand in hand – if not simply run in the same circles.

You know who I mean, the socially awkward and obsessive collectors who own four wrecked copies of a particular book/album and buy new ones all the time hoping the next will be in better condition or an earlier printing. The same people who plastic bag entertainment for posterity. I know you because I am you.

So listen up bibliodiscophiles – The old order needs to be remembered. Progress is well and good and new idols have their worshippers, but if no one remembers the old gods, who will keep our history?

Rage well, Erik

Set List: Episode 1 – Robert Bloch

  1. Gretschy – Amazing Royal Crowns
  2. Take a Trip to my Grave - Gutter Demons
  3. House in the Woods – The Singing Loins
  4. One Fine Day – Reverend Beat-Man
  5. I Have No Friends – Big Joe Williams
  6. Psychotic Reaction – Count Five
  7. Psycho – Eddie Noak
  8. 45 - Brokeoffs
  9. 32-20 Blues – Robert Johnson
  10. Dying Crapshooter’s Blues – Blind Willie McTell
  11. Whiskey Rebellion – The Bad Ones
  12. Genocide – Link Wray
  13. When I Die – Rollie Tussing
  14. Jesus Does the Dishes – Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union
  15. I’d Rather be a Devil – Guadalupe Plata
  16. Pay the Devil His Due – The Raunch Hands
  17. Graveyard Shake – The Deadly Snakes
  18. Dig That Grave! – Hipbone Slim and the Knee-Tremblers
  19. Per Arnoldi – Bazookahosen
  20. Route 666 – The Phantom Creeps

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