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«Joe Le Taxi» The Little Dog Laughed #34

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The little dog laughed is a short story inside the great novel “ask the dust” written by John Fante. Eine musikalische Sendung von und mit Joe Le Taxi.

In der 34 Little Dog Sendung gibt es:

  • Old Time Psychedelia von C. Ström, C. W. Stoneking und Philip Lewin,
  • Ambient Folk vom Hired Hands Tribute Sampler für Bruce Langhorne,
  • Neo Californian Garage mit Hanni El Khatib, dem Brian Jonestown Massacre und den Molochs,
  • Strange West African New Age Music von Luka Productions,
  • Sri Lankian & Laotian 70tes Pop,
  • Oriental Jazz von Ahmed Abdul-Malik,
  • Afro Dance 7" von Kenya´s Afro 7" Label,
  • Reggae 12" von Lloyd Parks and Ken Boothe,
  • Downbeat von Cigarettes After Sex

Peace & Love


Ambient Psychedelia Folk

  1. Intro: Tom Carter – Spring (the Hired Hands – Bruce Langhorne Tribute Sampler
  2. Sail Away – C. Ström (Sing and Plays)
  3. Unusual Day – Philip Lewin (S/T)
  4. Soloist – Steve Gunn (Ancient Jules)

Calypso, Pop & Northern Soul

  1. Brave Son of America – C.W Stoneking (Jungle Blues)
  2. Olivia – Snails (Safe in Silence)
  3. Be True to Your Bar – Magnetic Fields (50 Song Memoir)
  4. Cousin Larry – Donovan Quinn (Dad Was Buried in His Leather Jacket 7“)

Neo Californian Garage

  1. Sun Ship – the Brian Jonestown Massacre (Sun Ship 10“)
  2. Babys Ok – Hanni El Khatib (Savage Times)
  3. the Molochs – Charly´S Lips (Americas Velvet Glory)
  4. Stay Dog Strut – the Buttertones (8“)
  5. Öppna Sinnen Stängs Nu – Brian Jonestown Massacre (Open Minds Now Close 12“)


  1. terryain – luka productions (fasokan)
  2. magrebi – Ahmed Abdul-Malik (the eastern sounds of Ahmed Abdul-Malik )
  3. cha-ka cha -loi tok tok (afro 7″)
  4. liverpool – mac & party (afro 7″)
  5. kizunguzungu – Menge jazz (afro 7“)

Asian Music from Akuphone Label:

  1. Naan Unna Thedum – Parameesh (Sri Lanka, Singalese and Tamil Folk Pop Music)
  2. Unknown (Lam Seung, Sothy, Laos)
  3. Ne Penser Qu´As Toi – Mol Kamach (Cambodia, 7“)
  4. Deepa Tupe Vihare – Sanath Nandasiri (Sri Lanka, Singalese and Tamil Folk Pop Music)

Disco, Downbeat & Reggae

  1. Slaving – lloyd parks (inna de yard 12“)
  2. Ken Boothe – let the water run dry (inna de yard 12“)
  3. I love you – Karriem (disco 12)
  4. Firefighter – cigarettes after sex (EP)


  1. Steve Shelley (the Hired Hands – Tribute Sampler for Bruce Langhorne)

Die erste Stunde schon mal zum nachhören:

Joe Le Taxi

My name is joe le taxi & I am djing under this name every now and then in berlin, mostly in small bars at evenings with innovative live music, which I like and my music suits to.

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