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«Joe Le Taxi» The Little Dog Laughed #34
Donnerstag, 16. Mär 2017, 22:00 bis 00:00 Uhr

The little dog laughed is a short story inside the great novel “ask the dust” written by John Fante. Eine musikalische Sendung von und mit Joe Le Taxi.
Joe Le Taxi

In der 34 Little Dog Sendung gibt es:

  • Old Time Psychedelia von C. Ström, C. W. Stoneking und Philip Lewin,
  • Ambient Folk vom Hired Hands Tribute Sampler für Bruce Langhorne,
  • Neo Californian Garage mit Hanni El Khatib, dem Brian Jonestown Massacre und den Molochs,
  • Strange West African New Age Music von Luka Productions,
  • Sri Lankian & Laotian 70tes Pop,
  • Oriental Jazz von Ahmed Abdul-Malik,
  • Afro Dance 7" von Kenya´s Afro 7" Label,
  • Reggae 12" von Lloyd Parks and Ken Boothe,
  • Downbeat von Cigarettes After Sex

Peace & Love


Ambient Psychedelia Folk

  1. Intro: Tom Carter – Spring (the Hired Hands – Bruce Langhorne Tribute Sampler
  2. Sail Away – C. Ström (Sing and Plays)
  3. Unusual Day – Philip Lewin (S/T)
  4. Soloist – Steve Gunn (Ancient Jules)

Calypso, Pop & Northern Soul

  1. Brave Son of America – C.W Stoneking (Jungle Blues)
  2. Olivia – Snails (Safe in Silence)
  3. Be True to Your Bar – Magnetic Fields (50 Song Memoir)
  4. Cousin Larry – Donovan Quinn (Dad Was Buried in His Leather Jacket 7“)

Neo Californian Garage

  1. Sun Ship – the Brian Jonestown Massacre (Sun Ship 10“)
  2. Babys Ok – Hanni El Khatib (Savage Times)
  3. the Molochs – Charly´S Lips (Americas Velvet Glory)
  4. Stay Dog Strut – the Buttertones (8“)
  5. Öppna Sinnen Stängs Nu – Brian Jonestown Massacre (Open Minds Now Close 12“)


  1. terryain – luka productions (fasokan)
  2. magrebi – Ahmed Abdul-Malik (the eastern sounds of Ahmed Abdul-Malik )
  3. cha-ka cha -loi tok tok (afro 7″)
  4. liverpool – mac & party (afro 7″)
  5. kizunguzungu – Menge jazz (afro 7“)

Asian Music from Akuphone Label:

  1. Naan Unna Thedum – Parameesh (Sri Lanka, Singalese and Tamil Folk Pop Music)
  2. Unknown (Lam Seung, Sothy, Laos)
  3. Ne Penser Qu´As Toi – Mol Kamach (Cambodia, 7“)
  4. Deepa Tupe Vihare – Sanath Nandasiri (Sri Lanka, Singalese and Tamil Folk Pop Music)

Disco, Downbeat & Reggae

  1. Slaving – lloyd parks (inna de yard 12“)
  2. Ken Boothe – let the water run dry (inna de yard 12“)
  3. I love you – Karriem (disco 12)
  4. Firefighter – cigarettes after sex (EP)


  1. Steve Shelley (the Hired Hands – Tribute Sampler for Bruce Langhorne)

Die erste Stunde schon mal zum nachhören:

Joe Le Taxi

My name is joe le taxi & I am djing under this name every now and then in berlin, mostly in small bars at evenings with innovative live music, which I like and my music suits to.

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