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«Reflektor» sound and performance art event
Dienstag, 21. Mär 2017, 12:00 bis 13:00 Uhr


This month's Reflektor Radio will focus on the upcoming Reflektor event on the 30th of March, introducing the artist that will be performing and artist that have inspired them and their work.

Details of the event here:

Jessica Ekomane

Aleks Slota

kAZ, Sonia Noya, Fu and Yaron Maïm

This month will be hosted by Anaïs Héraud and Katie Lee Dunbar

Reflektor is a monthly radio program sparking from the homonymus sound and performance art event. Reflektor aims to create a common platform for practice exchange and shared research.The need for this cross pollination was clear after observing how performance and sound art seem to progress parallel but rarely intersect.

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