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«Man Bites Blog» The Usual Array Of The Unusual #13 (Pi Radio)
Mittwoch, 09. Jun 2010, 04:00 bis 05:00 Uhr

(Pi Radio)
Man Bites Blog deckt ein breites Spektrum an musikalischen Stilen ab. Er überschneidet sich mit Electronica über modernen Pop, gemischt mit Folk und Außenseiter der schmutzigen Hip-Hop. Das ganze wird präsentiert von Nico.
Man Bites Blog

The 13th episode sees the usual array of the unusual. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake mainlined via that fifties jukebox sound, Amy Winehouse gets a Moody Boyz molestation, and The Prodigy's Voodoo People gets a jazzfunk makeover. Electronics, Shoegaze, vintage outsider folk all make it onto the playlist. This episode is dirtier than the Cameron, Clegg, and Brown, 3 politicians 1 cup video. It's voodoo-hoodoo and that's what you don't say to people!

Man Bites Blog Ep:13 Track Listing

  1. The Cougars - Saturday Night At The Duckpond
  2. Stinky Toys - Voodoo People
  3. Flying Lotus & Thom Yorke - …And The World Laughs With You
  4. Shlomo - Spoons
  5. Four Tet - Lovecry (Joy Orbison Remix)
  6. Lonely Galaxy - Have A Heart (Active Child Remix)
  7. Bias & Cole feat. Fox - Fly Up Ya BAnner
  8. Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (Moody Boyz Vocal Mix)
  9. Patrick Wolf - Vulture (These New Puritans Remix)
  10. Liquid Days - Circles
  11. Sky Saxon - Pushin' To Hard
  12. Lonelady - Early The Haste Comes
  13. Shad - Ya I Get It
  14. Jose James - Blackmagic
  15. Freeway & Jake One - The Product
  16. Bonnie Dobson - Winter's Going
  17. Angelo Badalamenti - Bathing Blossom
  18. Walter Jones - I'll Keep On Loving You
  19. Booka Shade - Regenerate
  20. Pantha Du Prince - Es Schneit

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