17 Treffer
Di, 01. Nov 2016 - 88vier
06:00 | Ad Libitum - zeitgenössischen klassischen Musik (CoLaboRadio)
A series broadly covering different styles of contemporary classical music. Eine Reihe, die weitgehend verschiedene Arten der zeitgenössischen klassischen Musik abdeckt.
07:00 | Morgenmagazin - Aufstehn, Hinlegen, Radio hörn (CoLaboRadio)
Also … aufstehn, hinlegen, Radio hörn … (weitersagen) … Tagesaktuelles, Politik und Kultur von hier und da.
10:00 | We Are Born Free - Empowerment Radio! (CoLaboRadio)
We Are Born Free – Empowerment Radio! (#We!R) is an independent radioformat by Friends and Enemies. It was formed throughout the German Refugee Resistance.
11:00 | Calinka Junktion (CoLaboRadio)
Brian von Kuba lässt mit Konzerten feinster Avantarde, unerhörtem und Radio-Experimenten die Membranen erzittern.
12:00 | Hystereo - Self care as warfare #38 (CoLaboRadio)
Hystereo is a radio show run by the feminist collective Fem Coven, exploring politics, art and literature through a series of readings, panel discussions and lively discourse.
13:00 | Mittagsmagazin - S.O.S. (CoLaboRadio)
S.O.S. – „Sauerkraut oder Sushi“ – das Mittagsmagazin, live und aktuell.
15:00 | Cocklea - from Istanbul (CoLaboRadio)
with Ipek Odabaşı
16:00 | Staalplaat - a program made by musiceteers (CoLaboRadio)
Each with its own background and sound interest. The program is an ongoing quest where something sonic is happening. Always one for all and all for sound.
17:00 | carte blanche - our radio waves are your radio waves (CoLaboRadio)
CoLaboRadio opens its doors for guests to take over the radio waves for an hour. Expect a variety of personalities, projects and possibly performances. Hidden Stories # 7 Wages and Workers. Stories about unions and from UK and Malaysia.
18:00 | <<Berliner Runde>> - Radio On: Speical (CoLaboRadio)
Nicolas Collins interview #AlvinLucier #soundstudies #SonicProtest
19:00 | Syrphe - aus Asien, Afrika und Latein Amerika (CoLaboRadio)
Cedrik presentiert Syrphe Es geht hier um elektronische und experimentelle Musik aus Asien, Afrika und Lateinamerika. Aber Musik aus Europa kann auch vorkommen wie auch Interviews von die verschiedene Musikanten.
20:00 | :zoviet*france - A Duck In A Tree (CoLaboRadio)
created by :zoviet*france: and broadcast by Resonance
21:00 | Radio On - lo-fi radio for lo-fi people (CoLaboRadio)
Radio On is presented by Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek.
22:00 | Vaginasaur (CoLaboRadio)
One lady's mission to explore new and old sounds from the dark and noisy to the goofy.
23:00 | APO33 - ULTIMATE RADIO WAVES: Inaudible sound automix by Fibrr (CoLaboRadio)
A proposition by Fibrr Records: Every month a musician, composer or sound artist will propose one hour of sound for the Berlin Radio 88vier to be released online after a live radio transmission. Automation re-cut inaudible sounds from Fibrr Records
Mi, 02. Nov 2016 - 88vier
00:00 | Aporee - sound maps (CoLaboRadio)
radio aporee ::: maps has started 2006, based on former artistic research on mapping, spatial conditions and the navigation between the real and the virtual.
01:00 - 06:00 | 88vier - BLN.FM
Sendepartner innerhalb des 88vier-Radioprojektes der Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb).
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