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«Rare Frequency» A Rare Valentine #36
Freitag, 24. Aug 2012, 03:00 bis 04:00 Uhr

Rare Frequenz ist eine Radiosendung, Podcast und Website über experimentellen, elektronischen, Improvisation, Lärm, Avant-Pop und andere ungewöhnliche Musik.
Rare Frequency

A Rare Valentine #36

A Valentine’s Day podcast with a bit of a romantic sheen to it. At least I think so. And, no, there is nothing remotely Valentine-y about the photo associated with this podcast.

  1. John Baker, "Radio Nottingham" BBC Radiophonic Music (BBC Worldwide)
  2. Ikeda & Noto, "Cyclo Cycle" New Forms (Raster-Noton) 2CD 2000 Fennesz, "Glide" Black Sea (Touch) CD 2008
  3. Colin Andrew Sheffield, "Surrender" Signatures (Invisible Birds) CD 2008
  4. Les Maledictus Sound, "Kriminal Theme" Attention (Mucho) CD 2002
  5. Bernard Parmegiani, "Musico Picassa" L’OEuvre Musicale (INA-GRM) 12CD 2008
  6. Emeralds, "Disappearing Ink" What Happened (No Fun Productions) CD 2009
  7. Alva Noto, "Teion Acat" Xerrox Vol. 2 (Raster-Noton) CD 2009
  8. Belbury Poly, "Widdershins" From an Ancient Star () CD 2009
  9. The Focus Group, "String Sine Romance" Hey Let Loose Your Love (Ghost Box) CD 2007
  10. Die Welttraumforscher, "Sweet Bird" 21 Welttraum-standards (Staubgold) CD 2007


Die Erstausstrahlung der Sendung war am 26. August 2011 um 3:00 Uhr auf Pi Radio.

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