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«Begilufin» Let the Music Talk #112
Freitag, 22. Feb 2013, 02:00 bis 03:00 Uhr

Begilufin trys to bring a taste from the great diversity of the rich music world. With different sounds, old and new, vibes from different eras and different lands.
Bild: Ziv

It all come together to an hour of music without many interruptions.


  1. Soledad - Buika y Chucho
  2. Mwana Ya Moninga - Wendo Kolosoy
  3. Voce Abusou - Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
  4. Quand Je La Vois Je Fonds - Moussu T E Lei Jovents
  5. Chanson sur l'ami - Yves Desrosiers
  6. Bienvenido Chamizal - Maria Dolores Pradera
  7. Arena - Novalima
  8. Cira Regina e Nana - Lucas Santtana
  9. Efêmera - Efêmera
  10. Nesse Mundo - Baiana System
  11. Latin Soul Stew - Spanglish Fly
  12. Uma Vida - Dom Salvador
  13. Seni Dileniyorum - Alpay
  14. Um Min Al Yaman - Ravid Kahalani
  15. דלינא - דודו טסה והכוויתים
  16. The Mighty Atlas (Feat Natacha Atlas) - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra

Erstausstrahlung der Sendung war am 19. Februar 2011 auf Radio Kol HaCampus.

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The Station unique musical line offers a variety of musical genres including Electronic music, Progressive Rock, Alternative, Black, Latin, new bands and many more.

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