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«Garagepunx» Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #7
Donnerstag, 28. Nov 2013, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.

Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #7

Harlan Ellison

There are two camps where Harlan Ellison is concerned: Love him or hate him. I know of no one on the planet who says “Love the man, but hate his books” or “Love the books hate the man.” Somehow he and his work have merged into one creature with many bodies.

This is not to imply that Harlan and his work are exactly interchangeable, it is just that they both pulse with such intensity one would be better served stopping a bear attack with hugs and gentle words.

I can only assume that this intensity, and low bull-shit factor, is why the students in my high school classes voraciously attack his work. To be honest, I have to send them on web-quests to get most of the (for them) out-dated allusions but the core of the piece burns like a million roman candles and they can’t look away. They refuse to side glance his fiction, or cover the truth with their hands. Some even burn their retinas staring too long at the page. This is what the written word must do. It must frighten us into action, push us to accept the truth, burn the shadows of bigotry and prejudice, and illuminate us in our time of need.

And we, my friends we need so badly.

Rage well, my friends.

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Set List: Episode 7 – Harlan Ellison

  1. Introduction: Caveat Ellison – On The Road With Ellison Vol. 1
  2. Think – The 5 Royales
  3. Think About It – Powersolo
  4. Juvenile Delinquent – Ronnie Allen
  5. Juvenile Deliquent – The Monsters
  6. Go Slow Fatso – Bobby Rutledge
  7. Bumble Bee - Big Mama Thornton
  8. Wishing He Was Dead – The Like
  9. Back Off My Baby - Catfight!Catfight!
  10. Rumble In The City – Astrolites
  11. Rumble – Jack Nitzsche
  12. I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home – King Automatic
  13. Tangled Web – Arsen Roulette
  14. Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – The Pretty Things
  15. Prison Bound - Social Distortion
  16. Riot In Cell Block No.9 – Ron & Joe And The Crew
  17. Innocent – The Peacocks
  18. Free Man In The Morning – Andy Griffith
  19. The Man Who Counts (Album) – JackRabbit Slim
  20. I’m A Poor Boy – Joe Hill Louis
  21. I Played The Game – The Cobra-Matics
  22. Goin’ Back To The City – Onie Wheeler
  23. bop-a-lena – Ronnie Self
  24. It’ll Be Me – Jerry Lee Lewis

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