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«Garagepunx» Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #18
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Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #18

The Sisters Brothers

I hold films like The Unforgiven, The Magnificent Seven, Silverado, Dead Man, most of the Leone Spaghetti Westerns, and High Noon, as some of my favorite morality tales. Certainly films like Hellbent for Leather and The Bravados rank up there as well, but all of these films seek to teach us about what depths mankind can be pushed to when the law ends at the frontier of civilization.

I think that is what appeals to me about cowboy films. It is that concept of a frontier being explored and defined an equal chance for law and disorder to take fight. It becomes biblical and mythological. More so than the Industrial Revolution or the Victorian age, Westward Expansion is what became of people when no one was watching.

Today we have so few unexplored territories and lawless frontiers (I’m not talking about settled places that have been overrun or turned their back on civilization) that the concept of surviving on ones’ own guile and intellect it a vague fantasy. The concept of good men fighting against encroaching evil is something we can all learn from. As we push further and further from making tough moral choices and being tested, we become soft and look to the past for what it means to follow a belief. These stories teach us that to be good, you must do good; that redemption is possible and good guys don’t wear white.

Patrick deWitt manages to capture all of this in his 2nd novel The Sisters Brothers. Easily one of the best books released this year, The Sisters Brothers will be the groundwork for the next generation of Westerns.

Rage Well, # Bowser’s Brawl – The LEGENDARY O’LANTERN BROTHERS

  1. My Rough And Rowdy Ways – Lefty Frizzell
  2. Ghost Town – Bob Wayne
  3. Outlaw Song – 16 Horsepower
  4. Two White Horses – .357 String Band
  5. Man On The Move – Rumble Club
  6. I’m Trading You In For A Later Model – Shot Jackson
  7. Bad With Wimen – DM Bob & The Deficits
  8. BLOOD – Zeno Tornado
  9. Providence And Bourbon – Girl Haggard
  10. 4 Leaf Clover - Old 97′s
  11. Dark Holler – Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
  12. Wrath You – The Baptist Generals
  13. Cigareetes, Whusky And Wild, Wild Women – The Sons Of The Pioneers
  14. Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin- Ernest Tubb
  15. Die Easy – Whiskey Folk Ramblers
  16. Startin’ To Hate Country – Asylum Street Spankers
  17. Bring the Noise (music alley) – Morgan Geer
  1. Incidental Music – The Killers – Pray For Rain

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