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«Garagepunx Hideout» Big Enchilada: Transcendental Saloon #60
Freitag, 02. Mai 2014, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.
Garagepunx Hideout

Hideout: Big Enchilada #60 - Transcendental Saloon

Howdy podlubbers, come on through the swinging doors, sit yourself, grab yourself a cold mug of sarsaparilly and enjoy the sweet hillbilly sounds at The Transcendental Saloon.

Here's the playlist:

  1. (Background Music: My Darlin' Clementine by Edwina Travis-Chin)
  2. Back in the Saddle Again by Jim Kweskin
  3. Down on the Farm Boogie by Bill Chappell
  4. Santa Cruz by The Imperial Rooster
  5. Let It Roll by The Dinosaur Truckers
  6. Advice to Joe by Roy Acuff
  7. I Deserve a Drink by The Beaumonts
  8. Too Many Bills by Figures of Light
  9. (Background Music: Frog Legs Rag by James Scott)
  11. The Dope Smokin' Song by Jesse Dayton
  12. The Window Up Above by The Blasters
  13. Love Bug by Don Rich
  14. White Lightnin' by The Big Bopper
  15. Root Beer by Buck Owens
  16. Rock It by Thumper Jones
  17. (Background Music: Frankie and Johnnie, artist unknown)
  18. Year of Jubilo by The Holy Modal Rounders
  19. Under the Jail by Mose McCormack
  20. Ride by Wayne Hancock
  21. The Ice Man by Bobby Ward
  22. Granny Panties by Broomdust Caravan
  23. Hog of the Forsaken by Michael Hurley
  24. (Background Music: Bow Wow by J. Russell Robinson)

Garagepunx Hideout: Big Enchilada

"Welcome to the latest Big Enchilada Podcast now on Radio Mutation, formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate radio. In honor of the new name change, I'm dedicating this show to rock 'n' roll mutants every where. Let's mutate together!" – Stephen Terrell

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