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«Polanskifunk» An Invitation To Terror
Freitag, 13. Jun 2014, 00:00 bis 02:00 Uhr

The scream you hear may be your own. Dave Garver presents poetry and music.

Two hours of soft music incorporating movie scenes into the program. Compiled by Dave Garver.

Erste Stunde

  1. Intro: Play misty for me, Dave Garver
  2. For which we are truly thankfull (Lambchop) - How I quit smoking
  3. The kiss (Sea & Cake) - The Biz
  4. Mad Love: Peter Lorre, Sentimental
  5. Dark in my heart (Lee Hazlewood) - Lee Hazlewoodism
  6. Ask the dusk (Friend of Dean Martinez) - Retrograde
  7. The Man with the Golden Arm: Talent
  8. The way she moves (Andrew Ashong) - Flowers
  9. 30 century man (Scott Walker) - Scott Walker
  10. No place for me (Messer für Frau Müller) - Vamp Babes
  11. Mary (Lee Hazlewood) - Forty
  12. Night of the hunter: Robert Mitchum, hate and love
  13. Battling the city (Lilacs & Champagne) - Lilacs & Champagne
  14. Hot dreams (Timber timbre) - Hot Dreams
  15. Out of the past: Robert mitchum, szene
  16. Deep water (Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant) - Swingin on the strings
  17. Fools lament (Smog) - A river ain't to much to love
  18. Mad Love: Peter Lorre laughing
  19. New box of people (Lee Hazlewood): Back on the street again
  20. East wind (Ed Laurie) - Cathedral
  21. The Man with the Golden Arm: Noise
  22. Some kinda love (Velvet Underground) - Velvet Underground
  23. Untitled (Suart a. Staples) - Lucky Dog leaving songs
  24. Vamos a la playa (Cibo Matto) - Viva! La woman
  25. A clone is a clone (Acid Pauli) - Mst

Zweite Stunde

  1. Intro: Play misty for me, Dave Garver
  2. Sleepwalk (long) - Santo and Jhonny Farina
  3. Hazey Jane II (Nick Drake) - Bryter Layter
  4. The Glas Key: don't talk about Paul
  5. (La voz) Tan tierna (Acid Pauli) - Mst
  6. Darkest night (Sea & Cake) - The Biz
  7. Chabrol: Comedy of Power, Scene
  8. The man who loved beer (Lambchop) - How I quit smoking
  9. Mastermind (Jimi Hendrix) - West coast seattle boy 3
  10. Pueblo (Pavement) - Louder than you think
  11. Teach me tiger (April Stevens) vs. A Bullet for the General (Klaus Kinski)
  12. Calaca (Tied & Tickled Trio) - Place Demon
  13. Under what was oppression (Will Oldham) - Joya
  14. Midnight Cowboy (John Barry) - Best of JB
  15. The Man with the Golden Arm: chocolate
  16. Sending (Sea & Cake) - The Biz
  17. Drake (Beth Gibbons) - Out of season
  18. Cape Fear: Mitchum revanche West of Samoa (Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant) - Swingin on the strings
  19. Corner of my mind (Butts Band) - Hear and now
  20. Misty (Errol Garner) - Misty

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