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«Garagepunx Hideout» Shout Bamalama!: You Ain't Crazy, I Found the Lost Episode #8
Freitag, 22. Mai 2015, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.
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Shout Bamalama! #8: You Ain't Crazy, I Found the Lost Episode

You Ain't Crazy - Episode 8 Is Coming After Episode 9. Why, You Ask? Well, I Was Digging Around the Digital Trash Heap and Found What I Thought Was Gone Forever- Episode 8! So I Figured, Let's Confuse the Hell Outta Everybody and Dump an Old Episode on 'Em! You Ain't Never Heard It So It's New to You!

Get Yourself Together Babies Cause It's Git Down Time!!

Now Tune in, Liquor up and Get Real, Real Gone!!

  1. Stratosphere Boogie - Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
  2. Move It on over - Hank Williams
  3. Why Baby Why - George Jones
  4. Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) - Jack Cardwell
  5. Rockin' and Rollin' - Tommy Scott
  6. Good Night Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee - Shorty Long
  7. Stealin' Sugar - Ray Batts
  8. Don't Sweep That Dirt on Me - Buddy Shaw
  9. It's Saturday Night - Bill Mack
  10. (I Got) a Hole in My Pocket - Little Jimmy Dickens
  11. Worried About You Baby - Dale Hawkins
  12. Rumble - Link Wray
  13. Pig Bone - the Abootays
  14. Chicken Rock - Scott Wood
  15. Rock It - the Orbit Rockers
  16. Midnight Express - the Dawnbeats
  17. Rampage - the Thunderrocks
  18. Shaften - Bill Duzan
  19. Scalping Party - the Tornados
  20. Orbit Fantasy - 101 Strings
  21. She's Like Heroin - Gun Club
  22. Paper Boy Blues - '68 Comeback
  23. Blues Wrapped Around My Head - Flat Duo Jets
  24. Baby You Crazy - Nick Curran and the Lowlifes
  25. Adios, Farewell, Goodbye - Nine Pound Hammer
  26. Sex Kittens Compare Scratches - Lazy Cowgirls
  27. Talk Break Closing - Theme from Cycle Savages - the Cycle Mates
  28. Aloha from Hell - the Cramps

Garagepunx Hideout: Shout Bamalama!

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Now Let’s Get Real Real Gone!!!

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