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«Joe Le Taxi» The Little Dog Radio: On Bandits, Christian lucifers & Cobra style dubs #16
Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015, 22:30 bis 00:00 Uhr

The little dog laughed is a short story inside the great novel “ask the dust” written by John Fante. Eine musikalische Sendung von und mit Joe Le Taxi.
Joe Le Taxi

Free style w./

- Outsider, Christian & atonal Folk von Jandek, Dave Bixby & Perry Leopold - 80ies Romantics mit Ben Watt feat. Robert Wyatt & Lewis Balou - Cobra Style dubs 7” von Aston Barrett, Maria Anderson & Jimmy Riley - Excentric Soul from Numero´s Bandit Label reissue - 99 Jahre Moondog - Bellydance edits - Bralianischer Afro-Psych mit Tribo Massahi

und zu Himmelfahrt auch noch einige Spiritual Sermons von Reverent C.L. Franklin

freu mich über Zuhörer!


  1. Reverent C.L. Franklin: Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee (Satan Goes to Prayer Meeting)

Outsider Folk

  1. Perry Leopold: Saturday in the Garden of Delight (Christian Lucifer)
  2. Jandek: the Cat That Walked from Shelbyville (You Walk Alone)
  3. Harbinger (Dave Bixby): Cosmic Energy (Second Coming)

80Ies Romantics

  1. Robert Wyatt & With Ben Watt – Walter and John (Summer Into Winter)
  2. Lewis Baloue : Bon Voyage (Romantic Times)
  3. Moondog: Oasis / Tree Frog / Be a Hobo (Moondog and His Friends 10”)

Numero Reissue: the Bandit Label

  1. We Have Love – the Arrows
  2. Darnell Jones – Come Back Home
  3. You Re a Habit Hard to Break - Linda Ballentine
  4. B Side / Oan Excerpt - Tribo Massahi (Estrelando Embaixador)

Cobra Style Dub 7”

  1. Aston Barrett - Cobra Style
  2. Cottage by the Seaside - Maria Anderson

Bellydance & Bollywood Reissues

  1. The Joy of Lina - Ihsan Al Munzer (Belly Dance Disco Ep)
  2. Kamal Ahmed: Rangeela -Title Music (Early Pakistan Dance Music)


  1. King of Carrots Pt 2 - Nmh/Jeff Mangum (Live at Jittery Joe´S)
  2. the Como Mamas: out of the Wilderness (7”)


  1. I Will Trust in the Lord - Reverent C.L. Franklin (…Satan Goes to Prayer Meeting)

Joe Le Taxi

My name is joe le taxi & I am djing under this name every now and then in berlin, mostly in small bars at evenings with innovative live music, which I like and my music suits to.

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