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«Garagepunx Hideout» Big Enchilada: Canteen Dance #73
Freitag, 14. Apr 2017, 06:00 bis 07:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.
Garagepunx Hideout

Big Enchilada 73: Canteen Dance

Welcome to the Big Enchilada Canteen Dance! Dance all night to the crazed garagepunk sounds that's just as jittery and even more buggy than the jitterbug ever was. Got some brand new sounds from Norton Records, some offerings from a bunch of GaragePunk Hideout pals and a set of Celt-punk sounds guaranteed to smack you on the head like a hundred-pound shillelagh.

Here's the playlist

  1. (Background Music: I Got Rhythm by Bennie Morton with Don Redman & His Orchestra)
  2. Leavin' Me Hangin' by The Electric Mess
  3. Summer Boyfriend by The Manxx
  4. No No No No No by Kristy & The Cracks
  5. You Bring the Thunder, I'll Bring the Lightning by Red Hot Rebellion
  6. Not Like You by The Vagoos
  7. Corrupt Democracy by G. Wood with Markdog
  8. Rockin' at the Dog House by The Love Dogs
  9. (Background Music: Happy Feet by Paul Whiteman)
  10. Castin' My Spell by Daddy Longlegs
  11. Just a Little Bit of You by The A-Bones
  12. Walking Down the Street by Miriam
  13. Hey There Stranger by The Compressions
  14. Riot by The Naxalites
  15. Lips of the Apocalypse by The Yowl
  16. Crazy People by The Boswell Sisters
  17. (Background Music: Bugle Call Rag by Benny Goodman)

Celt-Punk Set

  1. Across the USA by The Mahones
  2. Backup Man Greenland Whalefishers
  3. Good Morning Da by The Tossers
  4. Poor Old Jimmy Biscuit by Paddy & The Rats
  5. Breaking Through by Blood or Whiskey
  6. Wild Rover by Dropkick Murphys wtith Shane MacGowan
  7. (Background Music: Full of Joy by The Chieftains)

Garagepunx Hideout: Big Enchilada

"Welcome to the latest Big Enchilada Podcast now on Radio Mutation, formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate radio. In honor of the new name change, I'm dedicating this show to rock 'n' roll mutants every where. Let's mutate together!" – Stephen Terrell

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