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«Joe Le Taxi» The Little Dog Laughed #28
Donnerstag, 01. Sep 2016, 21:30 bis 23:00 Uhr

The little dog laughed is a short story inside the great novel “ask the dust” written by John Fante. Eine musikalische Sendung von und mit Joe Le Taxi.
Joe Le Taxi


  1. Luster - Are you going to leave me ? (Hellvete split 10“, Morc)

Loner Folk

  1. Scott Fagan - In My Head (South Atlantic Blues)
  2. Mark Kozelek and Desert Shore - (S/T Cd) - Taverns Cloud


  1. Nino Ferrer & Radiah - Le Sud (7“)
  2. Feu! Chatterton - Bic Medium (Ici Le Jour)

Outernational 7“

  1. Obar No Ni - Yusuf Bayani (Philophon 7")
  2. Berflasana 3.34 - Ahmed Sharif Yusuf (Afro 7“)
  3. Tarhanine Tegla - Group D`Afous D `Afous (Sahel Sounds 7")


  1. I´M on My Way - a.Mosly (Angola Prison Spirituals, Death Is Not the End Tape)
  2. a Few Mistakes / Boys - Ssaliva (Mercury Coast Tape)
  1. Carol, 4Am - the Iditarod (Foxfur and Rarebits, Morc)
  2. Flying High - John Berberian and the Modern Eastern Ensemble (Salda Alay - the Sound of Armenian Diaspora 69-79)
  3. Knocked Around - Dinosaur Jr. (Give a Glimpse…)


  1. Concrete Statement - David Thomas Broughton (Clippling Lack)

Joe Le Taxi

My name is joe le taxi & I am djing under this name every now and then in berlin, mostly in small bars at evenings with innovative live music, which I like and my music suits to.

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