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«Digital in Berlin» Recommended #139
Freitag, 13. Jan 2017, 19:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

D/B Radio with a view to bringing different styles and directions in music to a wider audience, and so fostering music that has a formidable and extraordinary approach.
Digital in Berlin
Bild: DIB


  1. Refresh! by Euros Childs
  2. Pick It Up by Euros Childs
  3. Frigid Air by FaltyDL
  4. Whisper Diving by FaltyDL
  5. Female Vampire by Jenny Hval
  6. Vermiform Burrows (The Sight Below RMX) by Driftmachine
  7. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase by Karen Gwyer
  8. Ahnherr Der Schwaetzer (Portable Remix) by Von Spar
  9. Resonate 3 by Quarta330
  10. How to Save a Life (Vector of Eternity) by Mikael Seifu
  11. Knowledge Of Selfie by Jay Daniel
  12. Bird Matrix (DJ-Kicks) by Actress
  13. Vopmok by MEIER & ERDMANN
  14. Rhwng Y Bac Bee Bee by Euros Childs
  15. Round About Now by Euros Childs
  16. No More Dreams II by 1991

Digital in Berlin

Digital in Berlin presents as agency quality forms of serious music. An online guide, events promoter, organiser, curator and forger of ideas, the Digital in Berlin network is active in all spheres of Berlin sub-culture. Away from mainstream, pop-culture and the conventional society; we report on the most breathtaking city in Europe. Because the destiny of Berlin is a continuous journey with out ever arriving.

Moderated and compiled by: Dirk Markham, Michael Rosen and guests

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