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«Salon Bruit» Supersonic

Dienstag, 28. Feb 2017 88vier - CoLaboRadio
22:00 bis 00:00 Uhr
Show mit und über experimentelle Musik.

In this months show we look at music and sound that has been censored for political reasons throughout the last hundred years as well as art that critiques repressive cultural policy. Starting with the Enartete (degenerate) Musik exhibition by the Nazis in Düsseldorf in 1938 we investigate sonic art's relationship to repressive regimes since then.

Salon Bruit ist ein heimatloser Treffpunkt für Anhörer und Komponisten experimenteller Musik und Geräusche. Sometimes we have live blind dates on the show with musicians who don't know who they are going to play with beforehand. Sometimes we work with a theme.

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