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«Radio Mutation» Shock Therapy #2
Donnerstag, 03. Aug 2017, 06:00 bis 07:00 Uhr

Garage Punk Pirate Radio Podcast Network. – Shock Therapy is a (mostly) punk-rock show hosted by Køpper.
Radio Mutation
  1. The Spongetones – Shock Therapy (Torn Apart EP, Ripete Records, 1984)
  2. Ramones – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (Leave Home LP, Sire, 1977)
  3. Gino and the Goons – Tamed (Play Loud LP, Total Punk, 2013)
  4. Really Red – I Refuse to Sing (Teaching You The Fear: The Complete Collection 1979-1985 LP, Alternative Tentacles, 2015)
  5. DD Owen – I Hate This City (Plane EP, Ken Rock, 2016)
  6. Musk – Wet Brain (Musk 2: The Second Skumming, 12XU, 2016)
  7. Bazooka – Epanalipsi (Useless Generation LP, Slovenly, 2016)
  8. The Cavemen – School Sucks (The Cavemen, 1:12 Records, 2015)
  9. The Donnas – I Don’t Want to Go to School No More (The Donnas, Lookout Records, 1998)
  10. Icky Boyfriends – Frank’s Mom (7”, C&P Records, 1991)
  11. Thee Headcoats – I’m Hurting (In Tweed We Trust, Damaged Goods, 1996)
  12. The Rockin’ Ramrods – She Lied (Bon-Bon Records 45, 1964)
  13. Meet Your Death – Elephant Man (Meet Your Death LP, 12XU, 2016)
  14. NoMeansNo – Body Bag (You Kill Me EP, Alternative Tentacles, 1991)
  15. Scraper – Misery (Misery LP, Slovenly, 2016)
  16. Leather Towel – The Message (Leather Towel VI 7”, Anti Fade Records, 2016)
  17. Devo – Fraulein (Hardcore Devo Vol. 2, Rykodisc, 1991)
  18. The Cambodian Space Project – Monster Fuzz (Electric Blue Boogaloo, no label, 2015)
  19. Dwarves – Lick It (Lick It [The Psychedelic Years] 1983-1986, Burger Records, 2016)
  20. Lumpy and the Dumpers – Numbing Agent (Huff My Sack LP, Lumpy Records, 2016)
  21. Sick Thoughts – 18 and Free (Sick Thoughts 7”, Total Punk, 2016)
  22. John Cale – Chicken Shit (Animal Justice LP, Illegal Records, 1977)
  23. Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-Stars – Land of 1,000 Dances (A Walk on Jindal’s Splinters, Alternative Tentacles, 2015)

Shock Therapy

In the summer of 2016 I started working on a new podcast called Shock Therapy. I basically created a couple of playlists on my Soundcloud account and was using those to “lay out” the songs that I’d include. Then I started putting the shows together using GarageBand on my MacBook Pro, which then decided to crash, taking the original podcast production files with it. Kinda shelved the idea at that point, until about a month ago when a friend of mine was able to save the data from the old hard disc and load it onto a new one for me, and lo and behold, there were the Shock Therapy GarageBand files I’d been working on. So I decided to go ahead and finish them up and post them here. This is the first episode, originally started in May/June 2016. Enjoy!

Radio Mutation

Formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate Radio (2005–2015) and born of the original GaragePunk Forums message board at, Radio Mutation is a podcast network of DJ-hosted music shows featuring wild and untamed garage rock, punk, surf/instro, rockabilly, primitive R&B, power pop, swamp rock, proto-punk, post-punk, psychedelic rock, broken blues… basically all styles of gritty, desperate, REAL rock ‘n’ roll. All of them low-budget productions, independently produced and non-commercial (that means we make no money whatsoever from this endeavor).

Oh, and did we mention our shows are entertaining as hell? It’s true! Loads of personality and, just like the Young Lions Conspiracy*, a heaping helping of Integrity, Soul, and Attitude. Not to mention hours upon hours of great rock ‘n’ roll that you will simply not hear anywhere else.

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