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«Radio Mutation» Retro Obscuro #22
Donnerstag, 05. Okt 2017, 06:00 bis 07:00 Uhr

Garage Punk Pirate Radio Podcast Network. – Kitschy Mama hosts Retro Obscuro
Radio Mutation
  1. Just Multiply – Varetta Dillard
  2. Mother – Tony Carroll
  3. No More Dreams – Terry Legion
  4. Don’t Go – The Strings
  5. Misery – The Soul Four
  6. Do You Remember – The Scarlettones
  7. I’ll Believe It When I See It – The Sierras
  8. Prendi Prendi – Rosella Santo
  9. Castanet Senorita – Ray Johnson
  10. Be Be Baby – Peter & The Blizzards
  11. Love Me Honey Do – Patsy Cline
  12. I Still Love You – The Newton Brothers
  13. Looking’ In From The Outside – Little Wille Parker & Lorenzo Smith
  14. Little Bitty Goose Pimples – Jack Hammer
  15. Franky & Johnny Twist – Dale Goudy
  16. One Hand Loose – Charlie Feathers
  17. Every Other Night – Brian Hyland
  18. Your Lovely Dovey Ways – Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls
  19. Go Now – Bessie Banks
  20. Pempelem – Azië Lawrence
  • Background Music “Man Of Mystery” – The Young Ones

Retro Obscuro

"Hello! My name is Angela Wheeler aka Kitschy Mama. I'm just a crafty midwestern SAHM, who loves vinl, sewing $ coffee. Enjoy My [Show]!"

Radio Mutation

Formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate Radio (2005–2015) and born of the original GaragePunk Forums message board at, Radio Mutation is a podcast network of DJ-hosted music shows featuring wild and untamed garage rock, punk, surf/instro, rockabilly, primitive R&B, power pop, swamp rock, proto-punk, post-punk, psychedelic rock, broken blues… basically all styles of gritty, desperate, REAL rock ‘n’ roll. All of them low-budget productions, independently produced and non-commercial (that means we make no money whatsoever from this endeavor).

Oh, and did we mention our shows are entertaining as hell? It’s true! Loads of personality and, just like the Young Lions Conspiracy*, a heaping helping of Integrity, Soul, and Attitude. Not to mention hours upon hours of great rock ‘n’ roll that you will simply not hear anywhere else.

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