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«A Propos De Minos» An Hour of Improv
Dienstag, 11. Jul 2017, 23:00 bis 00:00 Uhr

weekly broadcast on RCN / Radio Capsule.
A Propos De Minos


French produced and hosted by William Nurdin curator of RoHS Prod.

A Propos De Minos is a weekly broadcast on RCN 90.7 FM / Radio Capsule, since 10 Years, aired every Monday -09pm to 11pm- live from wherever WN may be. Offerings include ambient, experimental, noise, soundart, glitch, everytime in live improvisation with everyone who wants to participate. Sound taken by Stereo Microphone (Rode NT-4 or Soundman OKM-II).

With APDM, you embarks on a sonic trip with unknown destination, WN goes places, meets people, records conversations, kitchen rumours, meteorological agitprop, early 21st century remnants of lost civilisations, electronic pampering and modern day chansons. When his Visiting friends they come together at some place and then they use instruments and non-instruments to create sound. Not a culinary or panoramic ride through Europe but a whole different approach to the emotions and energy and expressions of every day life that can be found at a given place.

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