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«Digital in Berlin» Recommended #217
Donnerstag, 27. Apr 2023, 21:30 bis 23:00 Uhr

D/B Radio with a view to bringing different styles and directions in music to a wider audience, and so fostering music that has a formidable and extraordinary approach.
Digital in Berlin
  1. EABS meets Jaubi Sun In Search of a Better Tomorrow Astigmatic Records
  2. Salami Rose Joe Louis Propaganda (feat. Brijean) Akousmatikous Brainfeeder
  3. Brass Riot Stumble And Fly The Never Acting Story FITC
  4. Pearl & The Oysters Read the Room feat. Lætitia Sadier Coast2Coast Stones Throw
  5. Mandy, Indiana Drag [Crashed] i've seen a way Fire Talk
  6. fastmusic funk in the kitchen (dream) Wow FITC
  7. Pekojdinn Chokri Dharba Bongo Joe
  8. Das Koolies You Killed My Robot Edit The Condemned EP Strangetown Records
  9. ECHT! Cheesecake Sink-Along Sdban Records
  10. Sudan Archives Selfish Soul (ODESZA Remix) Selfish Soul (ODESZA Remix) Stones Throw
  11. Kassa Overall Make My Way Back Home (feat. Nick Hakim & Theo Croker) Animals Warp
  12. People Like Us Music Of Your Own Sharity! Collected Works of People Like Us peoplelikeus-vickibennett.bandcamp
  13. People Like Us I've Got You Sharity! Collected Works of People Like Us peoplelikeus-vickibennett.bandcamp
  14. Faizal Mostrixx ft Morena Leraba Loosely ft Morena Leraba Mutations Glitterbeat
  15. Rahill Fables (Radio Edit) Flowers At Your Feet Big Dada
  16. CEL (Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler) Gegenwelt Gegenwelt Bureau B 17.mRobbing Millions Samaras RÊVE PARTY Capitane Records Brijean Angelo (Space Ghost Remix) Angelo (Deluxe) Ghostly International
  17. Ramond Agana sela tufu malla This is Zologo Beat Makkum Records
  18. Blanco Teta Wifimental Rompe Paga Bongo Joe
  19. Blanco Teta Rompe Paga feat. Satira Rompe Paga Bongo
  20. Joe Asher Gamedze Sometimes I Think To Myself Sometimes I Think To Myself International Anthem

Digital in Berlin

Digital in Berlin presents as agency quality forms of serious music. An online guide, events promoter, organiser, curator and forger of ideas, the Digital in Berlin network is active in all spheres of Berlin sub-culture. Away from mainstream, pop-culture and the conventional society; we report on the most breathtaking city in Europe. Because the destiny of Berlin is a continuous journey with out ever arriving.

Moderated and compiled by: Dirk Markham, Michael Rosen and guests

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