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«Brainwashed» Radio Edition #666
Freitag, 09. Feb 2024, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Die Brainwashed - Radio Edition ist eine einstündige Show mit Musik von den Künstlern und Labels auf
  1. Meat Beat Manifesto, "Echo In Space Dub (feat. DJ Collage) (DJ Wally remix)" (Echo In Space Dub / Retrograde Pt. 2 Dub We R 1) 2004 Run
  2. Ceremony, "Close To Hell" (Lovesick) 2023 self-released
  3. Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, "Satan Place" (Hole) 1984 Self Immolation
  4. Nonconnah, "Simultaneous Jesus And Fate Destroyer Of Worlds" (Shadows From The Walls Of Death) 2023 Cruel Nature
  5. Jarboe, "Dear 666 (Sexpartite Quartered remix by Thread)" (Dissected - A Collection Of Remixes) 2000 The Living Jarboe
  6. Danielle Dax, "Brimstone in a Barren Land" (Inky Bloaters) 1987 Awesome / 1993 Biter of Thorpe
  7. The Bug, "Demon (feat. Irah)" (Fire) 2021 Ninja Tune
  8. Current 93, "The Descent Of Long Satan And Babylon" (Thunder Perfect Mind) 1992 Durtro
  9. Multiple Transmission, "Antichrist" (Earthloop) 1995 Alphaphone
  10. Natural Snow Buildings, "Curse Of The Devil" (Peasant Magik Presents) 2010 Peasant Magik
  11. Bob Mould, "Lucifer and God" (Patch The Sky) 2016 Merge
  12. The Legendary Pink Dots, "Damien" (From Here You'll Watch the World Go By) 1995 Soleilmoon
  13. Pan Sonic, "Hades" (Gravitoni) 2010 Blast First Petite
  14. Miranda Sex Garden, "Inferno" (Suspiria) 1993 Mute
  15. The Magnetic Fields, "You've Got a Friend in Beelzebub" (Quickies) 2020 Nonesuch
  16. Tiny Vipers, "Entering Charon's Boat" (Laughter) 2017 Ba Da Bing!
  17. Diamanda Galás, "Let My People Go (live)" (At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem) 2017 Intravenal Sound Operations
  18. In The Nursery, "Underworld" (Asphalt) 1997 ITN Corporation
  19. Aleister Crowley, "The Pentagram" (1910-1914 Wax Cylinder Recordings) 2018 Fantôme Phonographique
  20. Germania/Laibach, "Who Killed The Kennedys?" (Sympathy For The Devil) 1988 Mute

Brainwashed - Radio Edition

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