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«Rare Frequency» Max Lord aka Ghost Grass/Strotter Inst: Spezial Ed. #43/44
Mittwoch, 28. Jul 2010, 04:00 bis 05:00 Uhr

(Pi Radio)
Rare Frequenz ist eine Radiosendung, Podcast und Website über experimentellen, elektronischen, Improvisation, Lärm, Avant-Pop und andere ungewöhnliche Musik.
Rare Frequency

Max Lord (aka Ghost Grass) performed a live set of stimulating analog synth hum, pings, pops, and percolations on Rare Frequency on March 25, 2010. Sadly, the fidelity of this podcast is a little subpar due to a malfunctioning CD recorder, but, trust me, the set still sounds fantastic.

On April 1, 2010, the Swiss avant-garde turntablist, Strotter Inst. set up a pair of old Lenco turntables, prepared with rubber bands and all manner of devices, and played a crack(l)ing live set on Rare Frequency. Strotter Inst. (Christoph Hess) was in the midst of three-month U.S. tour.

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