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«Garagepunx» Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #19
Donnerstag, 13. Feb 2014, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.

Hideout: Bibliodiscoteque #19

The Manly Art

This is the podcast that Garagepunk Hideout built.

When I decided to turn Elliot J. Gorn’s The Manly Art into a podcast it seemed like a great idea. I would do a bunch songs about Jack Johnson, John L. Sullivan, and other famous boxers. Hell, I’d even connect it to Christa Faust’s new book Choke Hold. Yeah, that was the idea.

About halfway through I realized that as popular boxing is and how it SHOULD be a theme for rock’n’roll songs, most rock songs are simply about fighting.

Episode 19 is three rounds depicting three very different aspects of fighting and music variety. Round 1 is all about bare knuckle boxing. Round 2 focuses on professional boxers and Round 3 examines general fisticuffs. What makes this podcast unique is that members of Garagepunk Hideout suggested most of the songs and did the grunt work for me. To them, I am thankful. I’m even considering doing a request show at some point as a result of the great taste of my internet peers.

Enjoy this month’s episode. There is some pretty amazing stuff on the horizon and a spin-off planned before the end of the year.

Rage well.

Episode 19 – The Manly Art

Round 1:

  1. Last Night in Town – Lucero
  2. John L. Sullivan (Bare Knuckle Fighter ) -The Cuffs
  3. Bare Knuckles – Sniper
  4. Street Fighter - Link Wray
  5. Fists Up! – The Forgotten
  6. Knocked Out – Cave Catt Sammy
  7. Showdown – Tony Casanova

Round 2:

  1. Song For Sonny Liston – Mark Knopfler
  2. Jack Johnson – This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
  3. Jack Johnson – The Revelators
  4. Jack Johnson – Barrence Whitfield, Tom Russell
  5. Willie Meehan -Manby’s Head
  6. Bongo Beatin’ Beatnik -Joe Hall and the Corvettes
  7. Bumble Bee -Heavy Trash
  8. He’s In The Ring (Take A) -Memphis Minnie

Round 3:

  1. Mean Fist -Street Dogs
  2. The Crusher – Novas
  3. Brass Knuckles -Personal and The Pizzas
  4. Talk Shit – si si si
  5. Your Ass (Is Next In Line) – The Mummies
  6. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite – Fleetwood Mac
  7. 力石 の テーマ [ OST ]

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