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«Garagepunx Hideout» Bubblegum Fuzz #25
Donnerstag, 07. Apr 2016, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Funk, Soul, Surf und RnR aus der Garage von Spätinsbettgeher für Frühaufsteher.
Garagepunx Hideout

Bubblegum Fuzz #25: A New Hope

Well, dammit, i can't get the player to work, but here's BUBBLEGUM FUZZ #25 regardless!

I salute my birth and Mick Farren's death with equal aplomb and vigor!

  1. Last Poets - Run, N-Bomb!
  2. Jook - Shame
  3. Mick Farren & the Deviants - Let's Loot the Supermarket Again Like We Did Last Summer
  4. Deviants - Let's Loot the Supermarket
  5. Sloppy Seconds - Let's Loot the Supermarket
  6. Boris the Sprinkler - Do the Robot
  7. M.O.T.O. - Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock the Nation
  8. the Jam - Art School Romantics - Let's Swing
  9. Jook - Crazy Kids
  10. Rev. Norb & the Onions - Karmic Vengeance Rock & Roll
  11. Livids - New Values
  12. Ramma Lamma - We All Know
  13. Bruiser Queen - Ms. Everything
  14. Barracudas - I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again
  15. Briefs - Poor and Weird
  16. Beatles - I'm Down
  17. Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - I'm in Love With Your Girlfriend
  18. Humpers - Anarchy Juice

…incidental music supplied by BILLY MURE with "Supersonic!"

Garagepunx Hideout: Bubblegum Fuzz

Rev. Norb plays DJ again, and this time the men with the guns and walkie-talkies can't stop him! Brought to you exclusively by GaragePunk Pirate Radio.

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