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«Brainwashed» Radio Edition #385
Freitag, 10. Mai 2019, 05:00 bis 06:00 Uhr

Die Brainwashed - Radio Edition ist eine einstündige Show mit Musik von den Künstlern und Labels auf
  1. Matmos, "Rainbow Flag" (Supreme Balloon) 2008 Matador
  2. Marisa Anderson, "Cloud Corner" (Cloud Corner) 2017 Thrill Jockey
  3. Coil, "blue excerpt" (Blue: A Film By Derek Jarman) 1993 Mute
  4. Black Spirituals, "Reconciliation" (Black Access Black Axes) 2018 Sige
  5. Baby Dee, "Three Men" (Made For Love) 2005 Durtro
  6. Meat Beat Manifesto, "Bass Playa" (Impossible Star) 2018 Flexidisc
  7. Thalia Zedek, "Candy Says" (You're a Big Girl Now) 2002 Kimchee
  8. Ian William Craig, "Red Gate with Starling" (A Turn of Breath) 2014 Recital Program
  9. Mark Eitzel, "My Pet Rat St Michael" (Candy Ass) 2005 Cooking Vinyl
  10. Abul Mogard, "Half Light of Dawn" (Circular Forms) 2015 Ecstatic
  11. Richard Chartier, "Unquiet (for M. Vainio)" (Central (for M. Vainio)) 2018 Line
  12. Antony and the Johnsons, "For Today I Am A Boy" (I Am A Bird Now) 2005 Secretly Canadian

Brainwashed - Radio Edition

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