16 Treffer
Di, 15. Aug 2017 - 88vier
06:00 | Ad Libitum - Zeitgenössischen klassischen Musik (CoLaboRadio)
A series broadly covering different styles of contemporary classical music. Eine Reihe, die weitgehend verschiedene Arten der zeitgenössischen klassischen Musik abdeckt.
07:00 | Morgenmagazin - Aufstehn, Hinlegen, Radio hörn (CoLaboRadio)
Also … aufstehn, hinlegen, Radio hörn … (weitersagen) … Tagesaktuelles, Politik und Kultur von hier und da.
10:00 | We Are Born Free - Empowerment Radio! (CoLaboRadio)
We Are Born Free – Empowerment Radio! (#We!R) is an independent radioformat by Friends and Enemies. It was formed throughout the German Refugee Resistance.
11:00 | Calinka Junktion (CoLaboRadio)
Brian von Kuba lässt mit Konzerten feinster Avantarde, unerhörtem und Radio-Experimenten die Membranen erzittern.
12:00 | Reflektor (CoLaboRadio)
13:00 | Mittagsmagazin - S.O.S. (CoLaboRadio)
Tagesaktuelles, Politik und Kultur von hier und da.
15:00 | Salon Daflon Calling! #10 (CoLaboRadio)
Electronic tunes from the edges of everywhere…from the edges of everything. Subculturalists who dare. Your host Dafne Della Dafne dials up a monthly mix from the cozy confines of Salon Daflon. This show features electronic and dance tracks by Glass Candy, Keluar, Gina X Performance, Netta Mbulu, Jenny Wilson, Austra and many more!
16:00 | Tuning in and Tuning out - New Paths to Classical Music (CoLaboRadio)
A collage of associations, conversations, histories and music and possibly even your very own listening guide. With Rosanna Lovell.
18:00 | Berliner Runde - Portrait Noir (CoLaboRadio)
Portrait Noir captures the thoughts, feelings, issues, and the desires of Black people who also happen to be Queer.
19:00 | InsaneTransmission - 'The Dreams Of Delia Derbyshire' (CoLaboRadio)
The Sound/Dreamscapes/Excerpts of Delia Derbyshire, Electronic Composer & Experimental Realizator of Tape Recording. Presented by Sasha Spassky
21:00 | APO33 - ULTIMATE RADIO WAVES: Solar Return Residency at EMS Stockholm (extract) (CoLaboRadio)
A proposition by Fibrr Records: Every month a musician, composer or sound artist will propose one hour of sound for the Berlin Radio 88vier to be released online after a live radio transmission.
22:00 | ohrenhoch - Der Geräuschladen (CoLaboRadio)
Live aus der Hörgalerie ‚ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen‘ Weichselstr. 49 | 12045 Berlin-Neukölln
23:00 | Fishes (CoLaboRadio)
Sounds produced by swimbladder-related mechanisms usually comprise low-frequency pulses produced at different rates.
Mi, 16. Aug 2017 - 88vier
00:00 | EX DEL REX (CoLaboRadio)
01:00 - 06:00 | 88vier - BLN.FM
Sendepartner innerhalb des 88vier-Radioprojektes der Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb).
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